swb - split AVI, WMV to bmps, PNGs (or some other formats)
Purpose: Often task for image processing is to split video file (AVI, WMV) you got by photocamera or web-camera to set of PNG, BMP images and then perform some processing
This console tool does the that.

For usage execute swb.exe

bgs - bitmaps to gray scale
Purpose: When we took several pictures by photocamera and want to simulate processing it real time systems you need to convert it to gray scale format

Convert all *.bmp files to grayscale
bgs "d:\image recognition source data\Fingers" "d:\image recognition source data\Fingersgrayscale"

.Net 4

Compilation Requirements:
- Visual Studio 2010

Deployment Requirements:
- ZipSolution 5.9

Version History
- fixed WMV export,
+ AVI export
+ ability to export to png and other formats
+ ability to specify start, end time, step
  • migrate to new HDE.Platform, ZipSolution 5.9
  • deployment scripts build solution (x64 build environment expected)
  • logs are performing output to localappdata path too.

- fixed resources leak in bitmap processing in swb
+ initial version of bmp to gray scale

  • Moved to 4th framework, zipsolution 5.5
  • Exe renamed to swb
- Fixed numbers in output for images
+ gray scale export

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